32 Awesome Wedding Welcome Bags Ideas

32 Awesome Wedding Welcome Bags Ideas

    More and more couples choose to have a destination wedding, and in such cases or if you have guests coming from other cities and countries you may not be able to greet them all. Don’t worry, you can always make some welcome bags and greet your darling guests this way. What to put inside? Let’s consider some helpful ideas.


    A couple of snacks are right what your guests will need to feel comfy all day and night long. We strongly recommend to choose something local to show off the peculiarity of the space – some local nuts, fruits, cookies or else.


    Drinks are a must for every welcome bag because there’s nothing as bad as feeling thirsty, and it’s especially important if you are having a wedding during several days – you know these hangover problems, right? Put several bottles of water or go for some local drinks – coconut water for a tropical wedding, small wine bottles for a vineyard wedding and so on.


    Put a program of your wedding inside and include a letter or a card that welcomes the guest. Please your guests with something necessary for the wedding taking into consideration the venue, the season and so on. If it’s a beach wedding, put sunglasses and a sunscreen inside, if it’s a woodland ceremony, add a bug spray, if it’s chilly, provide mittens or a scarf. Another must is a hangover kit – most of guests will be happy to have one at hand!

How To Pack

    Choose a canvas tote, a basket, a box or any other container that you like. Don’t personalize them if you want your guests to use them after the wedding. Add a personal touch differently, for example, put your favorite candies inside, or something that symbolizes you as a couple or your wedding theme. Be creative!

by Chloe

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