32 Cool Backyard Wedding Centerpieces

Backyard and at home weddings are on top right now, and if you are planning one of these, you may want some pretty and simple decor ideas that can be realized easily and even DIYed by you yourself. I’ve gathered the coolest backyard wedding centerpieces and all of them don’t need any explanations, they can be easily DIYed, take a look!

What Should A Backyard Wedding Centerpiece Look Like?

You may go for any look – a greenery or a floral centerpiece, a cluster or a usual one, add candles or lights or nothing, take various vases or just gilded or dark glass bottles, it’s totally up to you and what you want to see on the reception tables.

What Are The Easiest Backyard Wedding Centerpieces?

To my mind, the easiest option is a lovely cluster wedding centerpiece composed of several bottles or vases and some single blooms or leaves – not many, just a bit, which saves the budget and looks very eye-catching. You don’t have to match a lot of botanicals for such a centerpiece, you just need two-three blooms or large fronds and nothing else. Besides, a cluster centerpiece is a very trendy idea. Another super easy backyard wedding centerpiece can be made of potted plants – it’s sustainable and they can be given as favors after.

What Other Backyard Wedding Centerpieces Are There?

You may create simple floral arrangements with ferns or eucalyptus – they always add eye-catchiness and look cool with every kind of flowers. You may go for only greenery arrangements, too, non-floral weddings are in trend and such decor saves the budget a lot. Want more ideas? Then scroll down to see them all!

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