31 Rustic Wedding Card Boxes

31 Rustic Wedding Card Boxes

    A wedding card box will contain all the wishes, ideas and maybe even recipes for you two, so you definitely need to buy or make one yourself. Today I’m sharing some cool ideas for rustic weddings, let’s have a look what to make.


    A wicker or a wire basket is a perfect fit for any rustic wedding. You can buy one anywhere or find an old wire one that will give your wedding a shabby chic feel. Top the basket with a banner or fresh greenery and flowers.

Tree Stumps

    A rough tree stump is a great idea for any rustic wedding – what could be more natural? Make one yourself, carve your names on it and polish the lid.


    You can take a wooden box or a wooden crate to hold the cards. Whitewash it for a shabby feel or leave rough to make it look rustic. Decorate the box with banners of burlap and lace or just paper ones.

Other Ideas

    Milk churns, vintage suitcases, wine barrels, even bird houses can be a great fit for a rustic wedding. A vintage suitcase will add a vintage vibe to your wedding – take one with floral lining for a sweet look. Get inspired!

by Mia

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