30 Trendy Spring Wedding Arches And Altars For 2020

Spring is the most blooming and inspiring season of the year: there’s nothing more exciting than seeing flowers blooming again and greenery all around, everything seems to get a new start – we love spring! If you are a spring marrying couple looking for ideas – go no further, we have them all! Today I’m sharing the coolest and trendiest spring wedding arches and altars that have a wow effect – isn’t it what a wedding arch should have after all?

Spring Wedding Arches

Rock a gorgeous spring wedding arch decorated with lush florals – you can of course go for only greenery and foliage but actually this isn’t the trend of this year – lush florals are. Opt for only lush blooms covering the whole arch, they can feature an ombre effect for more eye-catchiness, be neutral or pastel, or if you are going for a bright wedding, you can rock colorful florals. Greenery and foliage will add texture to the arch, but they aren’t necessary. Go for a square or a round arch, catchy shapes are hot. Embrace the theme and location of your wedding incorporating the touches that match – dream catchers for a boho wedding, moss for a woodland one and so on.

Spring Wedding Altars

An altar is a more modern version of a wedding arch, and many couples prefer such décor now. It’s usually asymmetrical, one part is taller than the other and for a more natural look, you can make it of blooming branches. You can also decorate your altar as a wedding arch, too, with greenery and blooms and skip all the excessive stuff like arrangements around or candles – they aren’t edgy in this new decade. Get inspired and choose the most gorgeous arch or altar for your breathtaking ceremony!

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