29 Trendy Watercolor Wedding Stationery

29 Trendy Watercolor Wedding Stationery

    Watercolor is a great trend in modern decor and in event decor, also. Adding some touches of it to your wedding will make the celebration more romantic, effortlessly chic and edgy. If you’ve chosen this idea to incorporate into your wedding decor, start from the invitations. Today I’m sharing a whole bunch of watercolor wedding stationery sets, have a look and find your inspiration here.

Pastel/Light Shades

    If you are going pastels, try watercolor pink, green, blue, light grey or colors like that which will fit your wedding colors. Such invites will perfectly fit any spring or summer wedding, and they can be made more eye-catchy with sheer or bold envelopes, with gold leaf touches and calligraphy. Rock various shades, sparkles, contrasting envelopes and cards to make your suite bolder.

Bold Shades

    If you’ve chosen bold colors, go bold, too! Purple, blue, green, pink, fuchsia, red – any colors you like can be done with watercolor. If it’s a coastal wedding, choose shades of grey, green and blue and add a raw edge to the stationery. Try contrasting bold envelopes, add scenery looks to the lining and metallic decor or sparkles depending on your wedding theme.

Dark/Moody Shades

    Moody weddings are a hot trend now, and the wedding stationery should be appropriate. Moody shades like navy, dark grey, black, burgundy, teal and dark green are welcome! To make them outstanding you may add a raw edge, metallic decor or something else that you like. Get inspired!

by Mia

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