29 Trendy Indoor Wedding Backdrops And Arches

29 Trendy Indoor Wedding Backdrops And Arches

    If you are having a winter or a fall wedding, or if there’s a possibility of rain in your place, planning an outdoor ceremony is pretty risky. A great option in such an occasion is getting ready for a possible indoor ceremony and having a backdrop or arch that can be moved indoors or just a separate piece for indoors. Let me inspire you with the coolest and prettiest ideas for indoor backdrops that are in trend now.

Greenery And Blooms

    Greenery and flowers are an indispensable part of any wedding now, and rocking such a backdrop or arch is very natural, plus it will create a strong outdoor feeling. Such pieces are great for any kind of wedding, from industrial to art deco, and you will easily find a whole bunch of ideas to try. It can a trendy living wall: a lush greenery or bloom one, the colors of flowers and its size are up to you. You can go for a greenery and bloom wedding arch – it’s a great idea for those who consider both an indoor or outdoor ceremony depending on the weather. Try a creative circle arch of greenery – this is a hot trend now.

Fabric And Threads

    Airy fabric is another cool idea for a wedding backdrop, all you need is just to hang some airy curtains and add blooms, greenery and candles. You may hang some refined picture frames for a vintage feel, hang some glam chandeliers for a glam look or your names in calligraphy. If you are having a boho wedding, macrame is your choice – add greenery or leave it as it is.


    A fireplace is a gorgeous backdrop idea for a cold season wedding – it will warm up the space and make it cozier. Decorate the fireplace with greenery, flowers and candles, especially if it’s non-working, put some candles inside it, too. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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