28 Dried Flower Wedding Decor Ideas

The hottest trend of this year and – I’m sure – of many years after is dried flowers, my total love because of its sweet, soft and decadent look. Dried bloom fit many wedding seasons, not only fall, and many styles and themes, not only vintage. They make your wedding décor unique as not many couples go for dried florals and foliage.

What are the advantages of dried blooms besides an unusual look? You get muted and warm tones, a variety of shape and texture, dried blooms are long-lasting and less fragrant, which can be an advantage to some people. One more advantage is low maintenance and no need for watering: it’s amazing for hot weather and tropical weddings, and it means that you can create all the arrangements beforehand. Besides, dried blooms are a budget-friendly alternative to fresh flowers. Dried blooms won’t wither after the wedding and you can create chic arrangements with them afterwards.

What Dried Blooms To Try

Some dried flowers work better than others as you’ll want something hardy that isn’t dropping petals during the whole day. These can be hydrangea, delphinium, chamomile, limonium, amaranthus, baby’s breath, roses, sedum, lavender, carnations, rice flower, protea and helichrysum. Choose grasses such as pampas grass, Purple Fountain grass, sedge, wheat, fern and Bunny Tail. Leaves such as eucalyptus, chrysanthemum leaves. Fronds such as palm leaves and ferns. Branches of lunaria, cotton, tallowberry and Pussy Willow. Plants such as craspedia, gomphrena and artichoke flowers. Seed pods such as poppy seed pods, physalis and lotus seed pods.

How To Pair Dried Blooms With Fresh Ones

If you wanna pair two different types of blooms, go for half and half. Using pops of dried grasses or branches as accents to blousy fresh blooms works too and brings an unexpected touch to a bouquet or floral arrangement. When pairing with real flowers simply add a few fresh flowers in similar tones.

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