25 Natural Winter Wedding Ideas

Natural and rustic winter wedding décor is great for adding a cozy feel to the space and it will make your wedding very intimate. What to try and how to incorporate natural items into your wedding décor? Here are some cute and simple ideas.

Natural Winter Wedding Décor

What are the most popular winter natural items that you may include into your wedding décor? Evergreens and ferns, pinecones and cinnamon bark, winter berries and foliage, wood slices and tree stumps, and all of these can be used and arranged in various ways. You may use wood slice as placemats or as a base for a centerpiece, evergreens can be arranged into table runners or for centerpieces, and so can be berries, foliage and pinecones. Tree stumps are nice to raise candles over the table, and cinnamon bark will add a delicious winter scent to the table.

Natural Winter Wedding Cakes

Add a natural feel to your wedding cake, too! Top it with the same natural elements including sugared berries, cinnamon bark, sugared berries and little citrus slices, too. Make it gorgeous and very tasty!

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