25 Modern Wedding Seating Charts To Try

25 Modern Wedding Seating Charts To Try

    A seating chart is a must for weddings if you have many people invited. Many couples make creative and chic wedding seating charts highlighting the wedding decor, style and theme. Chose modern style? then make a modern seating chart! We’ve prepared some inspiring examples, take a look.

Acrylic Seating Charts

    Acryl is a very modern material that is ideal for creating a seating chart. The chart can be sheer or even colored, watercolor or with a watercolor backdrop attached to the chart. Hang your chart on the wall, insert it into a base of a natural color to make it look like floating in the air or hang it to the frame or ceiling. Greenery, blooms and herb decor is totally up to you – you may skip that all as a modern wedding doesn’t require any excessive decorations.

Other Seating Charts

    A paper or cardboard seating chart can be hung to a copper or brass frame and decorated with blooms – looks pretty modern, right? Make a whole black or grey wall with ledges and place the cards on them, so your seating chart will be complete. Try marble, geometry, chalkboard, string art and other modern decor de that fit your wedding style. Get inspired!

by Mia

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