2023 Wedding Flower Trends And 60 Ideas

There’s no wedding without flowers! Wedding bouquets, arches and altars, centerpieces and stairs decor are usually made with flowers and these flowers are exactly what creates a mood and an ambience at the wedding, that’s why it’s so important to choose them right. To make your choice easier this year, I’ve gathered the coolest and hottest wedding flower trends, take a look and decide!

White Wedding Flowers

White is purity, elegance and lux, it never goes out of style and with all the love to neutral weddings (we see a lot of them every year), white is on top right now. All-white wedding flowers are timeless, no matter when you decide to look at your wedding pics, in a year or ten years after the celebration, white blooms will always look up-to-date. To make your arrangements more eye-catchy, choose different types of blooms or add greenery.

Barbiecore / Pink Wedding Flowers

Pink is the color of the year, to be precise, its shade Viva Magenta, and besides Barbie movie is scheduled for this year, so pink shades conquered the second place among wedding flower trends, and not only wedding ones. Rock pink wedding flowers – bouquets with an ombre effect, overhead installations with lots of bold pink blooms and a fantastic wedding arch and forget all those delicate shades of pink like blush, go bold!

Bright Wedding Flowers

Colorful wedding blooms are another hot trend for this year, though they seem not to be leaving us anytime. If you love plenty of color, boldly mix yellow, red, pink, lilac, blue and other shades of blooms and make your wedding decor jaw-dropping. And if you pair up this trend with the next one, your florals will impress everyone!

Oversized Wedding Flowers

Lush, oversized wedding florals are edgy, seems like everything bold and statement-like is on. It’s high time to make everyone drop their jaw seeing your oversized cascading wedding bouquets, a fantastic and super lush wedding altar, blooms that line up the aisle and accent your reception tables. Whether you take one color or choose a whole color scheme, such florals are sure to wow.

Small Wedding Bouquets

Though everything lush is on, minimalist and casual couples may want something simpler and smaller yet elegant and chic, and here small wedding bouquets are a great solution. Forget larger than life arrangements and go for a delicate one flower, mono flower wedding bouquet or make it fashion using various dried blooms, bold foliage and branches.

Mono Floral Wedding Arrangements

Mono floral wedding arrangements aren’t only pure elegance, they are sure to save the money and despite a popular opinion they look nothing but boring. To make your florals more eye-catchy, you may pair up different colors or even types of one bloom, for example, dahlias and roses. Or just keep all the blooms the same, if you are having a modern or minimalist wedding, this trend is totally for you. Have a nice wedding!

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