2020 Wedding Flower Guide And 40 Ideas

Getting married this year? As most of couples use greenery and flowers for their wedding décor, I offer you to take a look at the hottest wedding flower and greenery trends that you’ll see this year and probably next year, too, rock them and your wedding will look edgy!

Sustainable Florals/ Greenery

Sustainability is a great trend, I totally love it, and the good thing that more and more couples and wedding florists opt for it, too. Potted plants and flowers can be used to line up your aisle, decorate tables and the ceremony space, and then they can be taken home or give to your guests as gifts. Pay attention to locally-sourced flowers and wildflowers and take a look at potted cacti and succulents, which are a great trend.

Fruits And Berries

Fruits and berries and even veggies and other edible décor are widely used in wedding décor, and this adds texture and interest to any arrangements. Add a bit of luxury and dark romance to your tablescape with pomegranates and grapes, go for tropical opulence with pineapples and kumquats but keep in mind that any berries and fruits should be far enough from your wedding dress to avoid stains.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers officially came back last year and they are totally on right now! They are also a sustainable option and can be incorporated everywhere, from bouquets to backdrops. Mix them up with fresh blooms and greenery to achieve a bold look. Include pampas grass and voila, your arrangement is super trendy!

Tropical Leaves

Tropical décor and wedding theme are a very popular idea for modern weddings, and if you are going for such a wedding, opulent tropical leaf decor is right what you need. Monstera, fiddle, banana leaves are right what you need for gorgeous arrangements – bouquets, centerpieces and backdrops.


King protea is a great statement flower that will make your arrangements wow, and it comes in a variety of colors to fit every style. Include proteas into the wedding décor and bouquets to make them really unforgettable.

Circle Wedding Arches

Circle or round wedding arches are a great trend, and this year they are going on top. You can go for all kinds of décor, from greenery to dried blooms and from tropical leaves to lush florals. Such an arch will make a statement in your ceremony space and you can reuse it for your reception or photo booth.

Overhead Installations

Overhead décor is a cool trend to save some space on your table and to give your reception a wow factor. Lush florals or greenery or everything together – it’s up to you!

Oversized Bouquets

Small and simple wedding bouquets are out of trend now, it’s high time to rock a fantastic arrangement with a variety of flowers and greenery – it will help you make a statement. Consider your look, the shape of your dress and florals you are using for wedding décor and choose from what your florist offers.

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