20 Modern Wedding Card Boxes You’ll Like

20 Modern Wedding Card Boxes You’ll Like

    Wedding card boxes are often among the last things you think of when getting ready for your wedding but still you should get one! If you are thinking of a modern wedding, your wedding card box should be also in the same style, and I have a couple of ideas for you. No worries, you’ll easily find you own one, and you can even make it yourself!

Clear Boxes

    Sheer wedding card boxes are very stylish and cute. You can choose a glass box with brass or copper framing, or just find a terrarium you like and use it as a card box. If you have some acryl, make a clear acrylic box yourself and decorate it with flowers. Go to an IKEA shop and buy a mini greenhouse and decorate it with calligraphy or flowers, and voila!

Other Ideas

    Lanterns, metal spheres, mail boxes repurposed into wedding card boxes, wooden boxes decorated with your engagement – there are a lot of ideas to try. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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