38 Stunning Layered Tulle Wedding Dresses

38 Stunning Layered Tulle Wedding Dresses

    Layered tulle wedding dresses are one of the hottest 2017 wedding trends, and this isn’t surprising because such dresses will make you look breathtaking. Think that these are only ball gowns? You are wrong, there are many options to try!

Horsehair Rim Layered Tulle Skirt

    A layered skirt with a horsehair rim looks amazing, stunning and very modern, such a skirt can make up the whole dress. You can take a dress with a simple draped strapless bodice and such a voluminous skirt, it will look modern and romantic at the same time. If you want a gorgeous sparkling dress, opt for an embellished lace bodice, maybe of a different color, and a tulle skirt with a horsehair rim to shine.

Flowy Layered Tulle Skirt

    If you prefer ball gowns with airy and flowy skirts, you will definitely find an amazing dress for yourself. A flowy layered tulle skirt can be combined with a lace or embellished bodice, with a draped off the shoulder top or with a halter neckline top with heavy embellishments. Want to stand out even more? Choose a colored wedding dress: a lavender, blush, grey, blue or nude dress to rock, or a bodice and a skirt of different colors.

Slim Layered Tulle Skirt

    Such a dress looks incredibly sexy! They remind of mermaid dresses but look a little bit different and are comfier to wear and walk in them. A gorgeous fitted bodice with various detailing and a ruffled layered tulle and organza skirt will be amazing!

by Chloe

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