33 Dashing Three Piece Wedding Suits

33 Dashing Three Piece Wedding Suits

    If you a dapper groom looking for a gorgeous wedding suit, I have a brilliant idea for you! Go for a three piece wedding suit – this is an elegant and timeless thing that has many advantages. First of all, the vest with a V-cut makes your physique very masculine and your shoulders look wider even if you don’t go to the gym. Second, it’s timeless and years after years grooms choose this classics for their big day. Third, it’s a stylish way to rock layers, which is essential if your wedding is in the fall or winter and you are going outside for some shots. Let’s have a look at some dashing style grooms in such suits!

Blue Wedding Suits

    Blue is the most popular choice for grooms who are looking for something non-traditional and it’s a hot wedding trend. You can go for any shade from dusty blue to navy and cobalt, it’s up to you. Accessorize such a suit with a neutral shirt and a contrasting tie and boutonniere for a gorgeous look. A burgundy or plum tie will create a great contrast for a navy wedding suit, and copper or cognac shoes look amazing with various shades of blue.

Grey Wedding Suits

    Grey is another option, which is extremely popular, and there are many shades to choose: from slate grey to brownish grey hues. Here the most popular fabric is tweed, a grey tweed suit looks oh-so-elegant, wow! It’s a perfect choice for a fall or winter groom, and you’ll look just stunning – with tie or no tie.

Black Wedding Suits

    A black three piece wedding suit is all times classics. Whatever way you accessorize such a look, it’ll always be elegant and chic.

Other Colors

    You can opt for brown, burgundy, maroon and black and even burnt orange three piece suits if you are looking for something really special. Rock what you love and enjoy your big day with style!

by Chloe

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