25 Ways To Incorporate Florals Into Groom’s Attire

25 Ways To Incorporate Florals Into Groom’s Attire

    Floral prints are considered to be mostly girlish ones but guys can rock them with style, too. How to incorporate floral prints into your groom’s attire to look stylish and dapper? Here are some ideas you may try, let’s take a look.

Floral Ties And Bow Ties

    A floral tie in a matching color scheme or a bow tie is what you need to add a bit of elegance and stand out but not too much. Whether it’s dark and moody or bright and colorful, it’s a nice idea and usually easy to match. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be wearing more than two different prints and the existing ones should look nice with each other.

Floral Shirts And Vests

    A floral shirt is a more daring idea but it’s very eye-catchy, so I bet you won’t regret that decision. One more idea to add a unique feel to the look is rocking a floral vest for those who want a three-piece outfit. Choose a floral vest in a bright color or colors to stand out a little bit.

Floral Suits

    If you are a very daring groom and want something really special, a floral suit is your choice. You may say it’s weird but more and more grooms try such a solution for their weddings and they get a very memorable look. Get inspired and add a whimsy touch to your outfit!

by Mia

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