25 Informal Groom Attire Ideas To Rock

25 Informal Groom Attire Ideas To Rock

    Girls love wearing beautiful dresses, ballgowns and other formal outfits but guys often on the contrary, even we speak about weddings – they aren’t ready to wear something formal sometimes. What to do? Let him rock something informal! Believe me, informal looks can be no less cool and sexy than formal ones, and I’ll prove it to you with these examples.


    If he doesn’t want any jackets and vests, there’s always a great way to accentuate his look with suspenders. You can choose various colors of pants, shirts, suspenders and bow ties, play with textures and create any look he likes.


    Another idea for the groom who don’t feel comfortable in jackets is a vest. A vest with a shirt and a tie or a bow tie with pants of some coordinating colors is a great idea for any groom and looks great!

Other Ideas

    If your groom is uncomfortable about ties, let him wear no tie! Let it be just a suit with some light shirt and he’ll be hot! If jackets and suspenders aren’t his things, let him wear just some pants or jeans and a shirt of his choice with some tie.

by Mia

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