21 Dapper Dinner Jacket Ideas For Grooms

21 Dapper Dinner Jacket Ideas For Grooms

    A dinner jacket, which was popularized by James Bond, is ideal for any formal event, and many celebrities rock this piece on red carpet. This is also a great idea for a groom who wants to look a bit formal and very dashing. There are many chic ideas you can try, and today we’ll have a look at the hottest ones.

Black/White Dinner Jackets

    Black and white are classic colors, and they are the most popular ones for dinner jackets or tuxedos, you just can’t go wrong with such colors. You can rock a classic black or white dinner jacket or try something more eye-catching: a white jacket with black lapels or a black jacket with shiny or velvet black lapels for a refined look.

Colorful Dinner Jackets

    More and more celebrities and grooms choose colorful dinner jackets to make a statement. Burgundy and navy are the most popular colors here, they look amazing anytime but especially in the fall and winter. You can also try different shades of blue, grey, green and other colors that you like. As velvet is one of the hottest fashion trends, why not rock a velvet dinner jacket in navy, emerald, burgundy or some other color? Be bold!

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