20 Elegant And Timeless Morning Suit Ideas

20 Elegant And Timeless Morning Suit Ideas

    If you have chosen to go for a formal wedding and are looking for formal groom attire, there’s a great option for you – a morning suit. It’s not only a stylish and timeless outfit, it’s a great way to feel a prince even!
    The suit can be done in one single color, or have a contrasting waistcoat or contrasting trousers, too. The suit should be perfectly tailored to look great, and you can finish the look with proper shoes and a coordinated tie and buttonhole. Let’s have a look at some chic ideas.

Black Morning Suits

    The whole suit can be black or just the jacket and other parts can be contrasting. The pants can be striped – grey or black ones, and your waistcoat is up to you – there are many shades from grey to buttermilk. Get a cool tie – pink, blue, grey or any other that fits your look, and you are ready to go.

Grey Morning Suits

    Grey is the new black! Rocking a grey morning suit makes your look a bit less formal yet very refined. Choose your shade of grey, the pants can be of the same color or of a different one. Add a white waistcoat or go for some other pastel shade and a proper tie.

Navy Morning Suits

    Navy is a very popular color for grooms and groomsmen, it’s a fresh idea for those who are tired of black. I love navy morning suits with white waistcoats – what can be more chic than that? Another awesome idea is wearing a navy jacket, grey pants and a white vest, you’ll look adorable. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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