30 Chic Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

30 Chic Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

    Going for a beach wedding? Dressing up may be tricky! It’s usually hot on the beaches, especially if it’s a tropical location, so you should consider some tips choosing your bridesmaid (and your own, of course!) attire.


    First of all, choose light fabric, better natural ones as they won’t make you sweat excessively, for example, cotton organdy, chiffon, crepe or voile over silk. Besides, the lighter the shade is, the more light it will reflect and the less heat it will get, so keep it in mind, too.

    Girls can wear backless dresses, low cuts, plunging necklines, strapless and spaghetti strap dresses as they will let the air flow and it’s essential for a hot day. A separate is another cool idea as it will let the air flow, too, and flowy designs are better than fitting ones. Slits will help your legs breathe even in a long skirt.

Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

    Skip traditional matching bridesmaid dresses and go for different ones – at least with a bit different design or color as matching gowns aren’t popular now. Opt for ocean and sea-inspired colors as it’s a beach wedding: there are lots of shades of blue and sea foam and every gal can choose something for her. Go for subtle touches of color rocking pastels – blush, light blue, light green. All-white bridesmaid dresses are a trend, so if you want your gals to look more modern, prefer white or off-white gowns.

Beach Separates

    Separates are a great idea for a beach bridesmaid, they are trendy and they will let the air flow. Opt for all-white bridesmaid separates or go for neutral tops plus bold printed skirts, which are amazing for tropical weddings. Have fun!

by Mia

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