48 Stylish Men Wedding Guest Outfits

Invited to a wedding and don’t know what to wear? Then this roundup will help you! We skipped black tie wedding guest attire as it’s pretty obvious: a tux or a dinner jacket of your choice, and focused at less formal weddings taking place in various locations and seasons.

Men Wedding Guest Outfits With Suits

The most fail-proof wedding guest outfit formula is a pantsuit plus a shirt, it always works. If the wedding is more formal, you may add a tie, if not – just skip it. The color of the suit is up to you, many guys choose navy and black or grey – these are the most popular shades that work for many weddings, locations and seasons. If it’s a summer or tropical wedding, you may rock a tan, creamy or dove grey suit, for a fall wedding think dark green, rust or burgundy. You may also try a printed suit: a checked, windowpane, thin stripe or gingham one, to make your outfit more statement-like.

A white shirt can be substituted with a white or some other t-shirt for a casual wedding, and if it’s a hot weather spot, choose a linen suit and a linen shirt to feel more comfortable. A tropical print shirt is also a nice idea for a tropical wedding, it’s a cool way to make your outfit more eye-catchy. As for shoes, choose classic ones for a more formal wedding, white sneakers for a casual one, loafers for a more elegant and comfy look.  

Other Men Wedding Guest Outfits

If you want an elegant but more eye-catchy look, pair up a blazer and pants of a different shade, add a shirt and a tie or skip it. A tropical or hot day summer wedding can inspire you to wear a shirt and pants, a pair of sandals or espadrilles. A layered look with a tank top and a shirt over it is also a great idea, layers don’t let you overheat. A neutral blazer, a tropical print shirt and neutral pants will be a cool solution for a tropical wedding, add loafers to polish the outfit. Get inspired and be bold at the wedding!

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