37 Ideas To Dress Up For A Hot Weather Wedding

37 Ideas To Dress Up For A Hot Weather Wedding

    The summer wedding season is almost on, and if you’ve chosen a tropical destination for your wedding or your wedding day is gonna be a hot one, you should prepare for this. Air conditioning, fans and other means will help you stay cool but dressing up for hot weather is essential to make sure you’ll feel comfortable all day long, especially at your outdoor ceremony. Read these tips to make your outfit comfortable.

Brides And Bridesmaids

    Choose light and better natural fabrics that breathe and won’t make you sweat excessively: cotton organdy, chiffon, crepe or voile over silk. Besides, the lighter the color is, the less heat it will absorb, so better skip black wedding gowns. Flowy designs will also let your skin breathe better than fitting ones.

    A backless dress, a dress with a plunging neckline, spaghetti straps or at least a deep cut will make you feel better and a slit will let the air flow in your skirt. A separate is also a gorgeous idea, both for the bride and her bridal party, it lets the air flow and you’ll show off some skin that will breathe.

    Choose the right shoes. Go for comfort as well as style with block heels that won’t sink into soft summertime grass or just choose sandals or wedges. Keep in mind that during heat your legs can swell a little, so the shoes shouldn’t be very tight. Heels cause more swelling than flat shoes. Barefoot sandals are also a trendy and cool choice for a hot weather wedding if they fit your style.

Grooms And Groomsmen

    Guys, get ready to stand the heat! Even the lightest and most relaxed men outfits for weddings feel rather hot. Consider the same tips about fabrics – choose only light, breathing and natural ones, the more natural they are, the better.

    Skip the blazer and if you don’t want a simple pants + a shirt look, add an open back waistcoat for more elegance. Suspenders are a hot and trendy idea, especially for vintage or boho grooms, and they can be a nice accessory for a non-jacket look. If it’s a beach wedding, consider an idea of going barefoot.

by Chloe

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