35 Robes And Rompers For Bridal Morning

35 Robes And Rompers For Bridal Morning

    Getting ready in the morning of your big day is an important thing to prepare physically and mentally for the special moment. The getting ready pics are a cool thing to memorize that all and have some important shots with your family, gals, wedding dress and others. Many brides go for stylish boudoir shots in the morning, too, and to make them more special you’ll need a proper piece to wear. Gorgeous bridal robes and lingerie are created by many designers for getting ready, and we’ve gathered the coolest and most sexy ideas to try, let’s take a look.


    A bridal robe is always a chic and sexy idea, and there are lots of ideas to try: long and short ones, lace and sleek ones, ivory and blush ones, with lace and without. Find a robe with cap/short/long sleeves, with wide lace trim or lace appliques, go for a blue robe for something blue, for a sheer or semi sheer robe over your lingerie. This is a great way to show off your bridal lingerie or chemise and get amazing and romantic boudoir photos.

Rompers And Gowns

    If you don’t feel like a robe, pay attention to dresses and rompers. A gown is an alternative to a robe, there are modern or vintage options, with and without lace, all kinds of colors, and this is also a great idea to show off some lingerie but less than a robe because gowns are usually not so sheer. You can also find some adorable rompers with lace appliques and bows for a different look. Enjoy!

by Mia

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