30 Stylish Backyard Wedding Dresses

Many couples today switch to simpler and more budget-friendly weddings – eloping, tying the knot in the backyard or just at home. If you are a bride planning a backyard or at home wedding, this roundup is for you, gal! We’ve gathered the coolest and most chic backyard and at home wedding dress – modern, casual, boho and others, take a look!

Modern And Minimalist Backyard Wedding Dresses

A modern or minimalist wedding dress is a popular idea for any modern or minimal wedding, whether it’s backyard or not. Take a look at plain wedding gowns of various designs, necklines and cutouts – bold statement like plunging necklines, cutout sides and open backs will make your outfit outstanding. If you want, you may try some lace or embellishments but done in an ultra-modern way. A casual wedding dress will be always a good idea for a backyard wedding, if it’s not a formal event.

Boho Backyard Wedding Dresses

Many couples today go boho, and a backyard boho wedding is a very cozy and homey thing. Rock a gorgeous boho wedding dress – with bell sleeves, of boho lace, a two piece lace dress with a crop top, think of catchy silhouettes like mermaid and add bold shoes, boots and hats.

Other Backyard Wedding Dresses

If you love glam, if you love romance, rock a coordinating wedding dress. It can be done with lace and embellishments, sparkling, shining or any other that shows off your style. Stay gorgeous!

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