30 Amazing Wedding Capelets Ideas

30 Amazing Wedding Capelets Ideas

    A capelet is a short, half-round fencing cape with a collar, it used to be worn a lot in old centuries, and today it’s making a huge comeback for special occasions, mostly weddings. A beautiful capelet is an adorable accessory that can make even a very simple dress stand out, plus it’s a perfect idea to cover up for a church ceremony. Have a look at the ideas we’ve gathered for you.

Embellished Wedding Capelets

    Choose a stunning wedding capelet with embroidery and embellishments, with beading and rhinestones. It can be a totally embellished capelet with beautiful cutout edges and a rhinestone buttons, or a beautiful sheer capelet with some rhinestones here and there. You can also see capelet with floral appliques, with pearls and other stuff. There are capelets for all styles, from art deco to modern, find yours!

Lace Wedding Capelets

    If you don’t want to sparkle, you can choose a lace capelet, it will look very romantic and soft. It can be longer on the back, with lace everywhere, or with lace on the neckline and edge. This is a perfect match for a romantic vintage-inspired look. Get inspired!

by Mia

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