28 Colorful Wedding Dresses For Fall Brides

Colored wedding dresses will never go out of style – many brides want to stand out and choose bold dresses. I’ve decided to gather the coolest wedding dresses in bright shades that a fall bride could choose – mustard, rust, burgundy, emerald and forest green and gold but of course you can try them for other seasons, too! Dip into the beauty below!

Mustard/ Marigold

Mustard is a very refined shade to go for, and you can be sure that very few brides will wear the same color. Mustard velvet and lace looks very chic and very refined, whatever the design of your dress is. Marigold is a bright and vivacious shade, which is amazing to make a statement in the fall. Marigold is a very popular shade for summer and fall weddings, and in silk it looks especially refined.


There are lots of shades of green to try but if you want a real fall feel, dark forest green or emerald is your choice. A teal wedding dress will make a bold statement, too, and if you prefer light shades, you may go for an olive green wedding gown. Pay attention to velvet, which is so luxurious for the fall, and to sequin dresses to sparkle during your big day.


Orange is a traditional fall color, and if you are ready for a statement, this is it! A rust-colored wedding dress, especially of silk, will give you a  fantastic decadent feeling. This warm color will bring a truly fall feel to the wedding.


Grey is a very popular color for weddings right now, and I just help gathering amazing fashion-forward dresses and ensembles in this color. You may rock a grey tulle or marble skirt and add a black or white lace top for a trendy feel, or go for a romantic grey wedding dress with lace appliques and embellishments – this soothing fall shade is always on!


Let’s be honest: red and burgundy wedding dresses aren’t having a moment right now but if you want such a color for your dress, you should go for it! To give yourself a trendier look, prefer a burgundy velvet dress with a cutout back or a plunging neckline.


Gold is a bright and sparkling metallic shade that is so traditional for the fall. I’ve added a couple of beautiful gold wedding dresses but if you want more, head over here.

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