23 Edgy And Badass Bridal Looks That Inspire

Here, at happywedd.com, we get very inspired and excited about gorgeous bridal looks, and if you are a daring and edgy bride, keep your style on your wedding day, too! Dress up the way you really like and show off your personal style at its best. Want some ideas for inspiration? Here they are!

Jumpsuits And Pantsuits

If you don’t like skirts or dresses, a jumpsuit or a tux is your choice! There are lots of chic jumpsuits with deep necklines, cutout backs, jumpsuits with overskirts and trains. Add bold heels or even bright boots and voila, you look fantastic! You may find a sexy tuxedo in black or white, add heels and some statement accessories and go!


Separates are a trendy idea for a modern bride, and to make a statement you can rock a mismatching top and skirt, in contrasting colors and detailing. You may also try a casual combo with a denim or leather jacket, some boots or shoes and statement accessories. Crop tops are still very welcome, just add a high waisted skirt and statement heels.


If you are going to wear a romantic wedding dress, you may give yourself an edge with black boots, a hat and a leather jacket. The dress itself may be very catchy, too, it may be a colorful gown with bright appliques or am ombre effect. Take a look at the brides below and get inspired by their unique styles!

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