23 Brides’ And Grooms’ Looks With Sneakers

23 Brides’ And Grooms’ Looks With Sneakers

    Sneakers are loved a lot: many of us are trying to wear them every day and for each occasion as they are very comfy and look chic. What about wearing them on your big day? More and more brides and grooms go for sneakers at their weddings and look awesome! Here are some ideas to do that.

Sneakers For Brides

    Wearing sneakers on your big day doesn’t mean that you need a very special wedding dress that would match – create a bold contrast! Rock a romantic wedding dress and white sneakers, or a modern wedding gown and trainers, even with some bold touches. Serena Williams rocked heavily embellished Nike shoes for her wedding, and if you are a sportswoman, too, if you just love sport – rock your favorite sneakers!

Sneakers For Grooms

    If you ask me, I’d say that there’s nothing as refreshing and modern as a groom in sneakers instead of shoes. Rock a three-piece or two-piece suit with white sneakers, and your modern groom’s look is ready! Create a more relaxed look with tan pants, a neutral blazer, a tie and neutral sneakers and you’ll look amazing.

by Mia

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