21 Spring Wedding Guest Outfits

21 Spring Wedding Guest Outfits

    Invited to a spring wedding? Then you are probably puzzling what to wear as the spring wedding season is very close, and if you haven’t yet chosen a look, it’s high time to do that! Let me inspire you with some edgy outfits, and maybe you’ll find your inspiration here.

Floral Dresses

    A floral dress of any look, length and neckline is timeless classics, so choosing one you can’t go wrong. Midi or maxi, with a bold or pastel print, with a deep V-neckline or a high one, this is gonna be a hit! Styling such a dress is easy: put on stylish heels of some matching color or just nude ones, add a chic clutch and maybe statement earrings, and you are done.

Lace Dresses

    Lace is another timeless thing, which is ideal for romantic girls. Find a lace dress that you like – for a spring feel, choose a pastel one. It may be a pencil or a more loose one, with a crop top or just usual, and styling it is as easy as the previous floral dress. Some heels, better nude ones, a clutch and a romantic updo or waves down, and voila!


    They keep being in trend, and wearing a chic one is a great and trendy option. Try a pastel jumpsuit with some interesting detailing or go for timeless basic colors like red or black. Add statement accessories and heels, and that’s it.

Other Dresses

    It’s spring and choosing spring colors is a brilliant idea! Green, yellow and blue will raise up your mood, find a dress that flatters your curves in these colors. Adding metallic shoes and statement accessories, you’ll finish the look. If you want a super fashionable look, wear a floral skirt, a white shirt, strappy heels and a bold clutch, you are sure to catch everybody’s eyes!

by Chloe

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