2023 Wedding Dress Trends And 45 Edgy Ideas

2023 is on, and if you are a bride getting married this year or if you are a groom going to wear a wedding dress, this roundup is for you: we’ve gathered the hottest wedding trends that are totally on!

Wedding Dresses

Slip Wedding Dresses

All kinds of 90s wedding dresses are on top but slip wedding dresses especially. This is a classic idea that is very comfy to wear, and with the rise of minimalist and micro weddings it’s super popular. To make your bridal outfit more eye-catchy with such a classic dress, put on a capelet or long gloves (these are two other hot trends of this year), go for eye-catchy back detailing or cutouts or consider bold shoes or boots.

Short And Mini Wedding Dresses

Short and mini wedding dresses basically never go out of style but now they are especially hot! Whether you are going for a micro or city hall wedding, whether you are rocking a casual wedding or just want a reception wedding dress, this is it! All kinds of looks and detailing are welcome!

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Looking for timeless romance? Go for an off the shoulder wedding dress with a  small train and a veil, and voila. Whether you are going for a chic ballgown or a minimalist off the shoulder wedding dress, it will be a perfect solution.

Colored Wedding Dresses

Color never goes out of style and every year we see more and more brides rocking a colored wedding dress that would fit their style and personality. This year enjoy any color that makes you feel happy – there are no limitations for a creative mind!

Bow Wedding Dresses

Bows are a trendy detail this year, not only for a wedding dress. You may accent the back or a shoulder strap of your wedding dress with a lace bow that can be matching or contrasting. This is a fab idea for a formal wedding.

Naked Wedding Dresses

Naked and sheer wedding gowns seem to be a bold trend that is here to stay as lots of brides dare to rock such dresses and show off their beauty. Consider rocking detailing like pearls and beads or some bold color like green or coral.

Feather Wedding Dresses

Feeling glam? Going 20s? Then a feather wedding dress is your choice! This year you will see not only 20s inspired feather wedding gowns but also ultra-modern and colored fashionable ones. Feel free to be bold!

Wedding Accessories


Long wedding gloves are a hot accessory trend of this year, and they are sure to elevate any bridal look. Usual white or black long gloves used to be a finishing touch for a very formal bridal outfit but today you’ll find a lot of delicate tulle gloves, embellished and not, detailed and not, and they can finish off any outfit.


Capes are a perfect cover up for a bride, and they come in a whole ton of designs and looks to complete your outfit. Choose a long one instead of a veil or go for intricate detailing for a chic touch. Get inspired!

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