2019 Wedding Attire Trends And 24 Ideas

2019 Wedding Attire Trends And 24 Ideas

    We continue sharing the hottest trends that will make your wedding cooler and edgier, and today’s roundup is all about wedding attire.


    This is a cool and refined color to incorporate both into wedding attire and decor. Most of brides won’t rock a wedding dress of such a color but may try rust-colored shoes. More and more grooms who love colorful attire, and rust is a catchy and bold color to try. You may also offer this bright shade to your bridesmaids, it looks very sophisticated.


    Velvet got very popular a couple of years ago but was mostly used for cold seasons like fall or winter. This year it’s to be used throughout the whole 2019, despite the season. Velvet shoes, blazers, ribbons on your bouquet will add a luxurious touch to your look at once. Pay attention not only to traditional jewel tones but also to pastels for a unique look.


    Hats also got popular last year and now they are on top – switching a veil to a hat is a very trendy idea. Fedoras, Panama hats, and floppy hats made of straw, felt, and wool are the perfect finishing accessory to your boho bridal look. It can be bold to make a statement – black, brown, grey, or just neutral – white, creamy, beige and off-white to make the look softer. Dear grooms, feel free to rock a hat, too!

by Mia

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