20 Amazing Christmas Wedding Favors

    Christmas weddings aren’t that far and we already feel that holiday spirit. The last preparations for Christmas weddings are going now, and if you need some ideas, here they are! Today we are sharing some cool ideas for Christmas wedding favors – affordable and cool. Foodie/Drinkable Favors     Foodie favors are timeless, just choose (more…)

36 Cool Winter Wedding Favors

    The season of winter weddings will soon be opened, and it’s high times that we thought over every detail. Wedding favors are no less important than other things because they’ll remind your guests of sharing this big day with you. Keep your guests warm with blankets, mits, gloves or even socks. (more…)

35 Edible Fall Wedding Favors

    A favor helps your guests to commemorate your celebration and enjoy it a little bit more. What are the best edible favors for a fall wedding? The most popular idea is caramel apples or apples in chocolate and nuts – so delicious and so autumn-like! Honey and apple or pumpkin spice (more…)

28 Chic And Stylish Art Deco Wedding Favors

    Planning an art deco wedding? Don’t forget the favors! Art deco wedding favors can be various but the most popular ones are small bottles of champagne, candies or cookies done in the art deco style. Actually, you can take any favors but wrap them to continue your wedding style because chic (more…)

33 Scary But Stylish Halloween Wedding Favors

    Be original and rock Halloween wedding theme! We’ve already presented some awesome ideas for such nuptials, and today I’d like to continue sharing examples and help you polish your style in every detail. Even favors at such a celebration should correspond your theme: black pops, little coffins with candies, apples in (more…)

37 Cool Drinkable Wedding Favors Ideas

    Puzzling over what favors to choose for your guests? Foodie favors or drinkable favors have always been on top because everyone loves tasty food and drinks and they are suitable for every wedding theme. Today I’d like to share some cool drinkable favors and ideas to decorate them right, this idea (more…)

25 DIY Beauty Favors For Your Bridal Shower Or Bridesmaids

via  foodpluswords.com     If you are puzzling over what to give to girls at your bridal shower or how to spoil your bridesmaids, I’m here to help you! I’ve rounded up a whole pack of stunning and spa-like beauty remedies that every girl will like! Fruit-infused scrubs, lip balms and scrubs with chocolate, (more…)

15 DIY Spring Wedding Favors To Excite Your Guests

via  intimateweddings.com     Having a spring affair and puzzling over what to give to your guests? I’m here to help you! Spring is time when nature is waking up, so why not give your guests potted herbs or succulents? You can take vintage tea cups instead of pots, or decorate the planters in (more…)

28 Edible Valentine’s Day Wedding Favors

    Valentine’s Day wedding is a very special affair, and every detail here should be amazing. We’ve already told you of many décor and outfit aspects to get inspired, and today I’ve rounded up some favors. The most popular, easy and budget-friendly favors are edible ones as you can make them yourselves. (more…)

22 DIY Winter Wedding Favors That Excite

via  aspicyperspective.com     A wedding favor is a piece that will remind your guests of sharing this wonderful day with you, it should continue the wedding theme and better be budget-friendly. I’ve just rounded up the best DIY ideas for a winter affair, and the first idea that comes to my mind is (more…)

25 Awesome Vineyard Wedding Favors

    Undoubtedly, the best vineyard wedding favor is a foodie one, connected with wine – a bottle of wine, marinated cheese or just cheese assortment to enjoy it with wine. I also love a fun idea of making wine jellies – it suits the theme you have and is tasty and fun! (more…)