23 Cool Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas

23 Cool Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas

    A backyard is a cool place to set up a bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner or even a wedding: everyone feels relaxed and comfortable at the same time. If you’ve chosen a backyard bridal shower and puzzling over how to organize it, we have some ideas and examples for you, take a look.

Basic Tips

    If you are hosting a bridal shower outdoors in spring or summer, avoid the hottest time of the day. If temperatures usually soar at 3:00 p.m. in the area, start the party at noon and end by 3:00 p.m. or have an early evening cocktail party instead.

    Research when mosquitos are most active in your area, then plan to be indoors before that time comes. Place citronella candles and lanterns around the backyard to keep the bugs away. Give your neighbors a heads up about the shower and kindly ask if they could avoid using lawn mowers and other ear-splitting equipment during those hours.

    Rain happens and so do unusually chilly temperatures, so making a backup plan is crucial. You could put up a tent but if your budget screams “no” or you can’t borrow one, plan to bring the outdoors inside. Use the same decorations and serve the same menu, including summery cocktails.


    Since the party is outdoors, you’ll want to direct guests to the bridal shower with proper signage. You could construct a sign from wood, burlap, or another natural material, or else order a pretty calligraphed version from a pro. Offer guests a drink as soon as they arrive—nothing says, “Glad you’re here” like a warm greeting and a beverage, whether it’s a lemonade or margarita.

    Choose a decor theme close to the bride’s heart or go with something classic, like a garden party vibe. Don’t feel limited to the wedding colors—this is a totally different party with a totally different personality.

Set Up A Buffet

    A backyard shower most likely has a casual vibe, so serving food buffet style will feel right. To avoid one long line, set up each side of the table with identical dishes to speed things up. Don’t forget of a cool dessert table with proper decor and delicious sweets.

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