20 Spring Wedding Nails Ideas For Fashion-Forward Brides

20 Spring Wedding Nails Ideas For Fashion-Forward Brides

    If you love incorporating fashion trends into your wedding, why not to do that even in the smallest details? Follow the hottest fashion trends with your manicure, too! Too difficult nail arts aren’t popular currently, we are striving for simplicity, and it’s true for nails, too. Here are some trendy and edgy manicure ideas to rock on your big day this spring.

Nude Nails

    There’s nothing trendier now than nude nails because they don’t require much maintaining, look perfect and match any look. If you are going on a honeymoon on the next day, rocking some crazy nail art isn’t the best idea while having nude nails is very practical. You can go for glossy ones with some metallic touches or for edgy matte nude ones – no other details are required! Spruce up your manicure with metallic glitter half moons or stripes and rhinestones if you want.

Marble Nails

    Marbleized nails are one of the hottest trends, and this is perhaps the only trendy nail art now. Choose any looks and colors you like though neutrals, beige and blush or creamy shades are the best ones to complete a soft spring bridal look.

Neutral Nails

    French manicure isn’t on trend now but you can rock ombre French nails for a trendy look. Go neutrals with glossy and glitter touches, with sequins and other accents that fit your taste and bridal look. Get inspired!

by Mia

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