58 Awesome Low Bun Wedding Hairstyles

A low bun is a classic hairstyle, which is popular for many occasions and especially for weddings. What about rocking a low bun at your wedding? There are so many inspiring options and ideas to try! Let me share the best low bun options for various hair lengths! And if you love them, check out our part 2 with more gorgeous low buns!

Low Buns

A low bun is a comfy and chic idea to rock at the wedding, and there are lots of ways to make it bold. It can be wavy, braided, twisted or loose and messy, and you can work with the bump or top, too. First of all, it can be super sleek and tight, which is amazing for a minimalist bride. Second, you may try various types of braids to make the top interesting: waterfall, Dutch, French, fishtail or any other, and they may cover the whole top or just appear on one side or, if you have long hair, you may go for a braided halo or double halo. Try different looks to make your bun wow!

Side-Swept Low Buns

Side-swept hairstyles are very popular now, and you may go for comfy and stylish side low buns if you like such hair placement. If you are a modern or minimalist bride, you may try sleek and tight side buns, and a messy low bun will make your look more casual. Spruce up the top with braids, twists or other details, get inspired and be bold!

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