5 Beach Wedding Makeup Tips And 16 Examples

5 Beach Wedding Makeup Tips And 16 Examples

    Beach weddings are super popular, and they will always be because they are very romantic and everybody loves beaches. It’s usually rather hot in such locations, and your choice of the attire, hairstyle and makeup is really important. Today I’d like to share some beach makeup tips and ideas that will be useful for every bride and will help you to look flawless.

Prep Your Skin

    A week or so before the wedding make sure to get a facial to exfoliate and hydrate your skin enough. Keep in mind that you’ll need more hydrating if the weather is hot and sunny.

Skip The Sunscreen

    Yes, don’t use sunscreen otherwise you may look like a lobster on your big day, the makeup can melt and you’ll do only harm.

Use A Primer

    Prep the skin with a silicone-based primer to help the make-up adhere and stay put. After prepping the skin, use a silicone-based foundation for maximum longevity.

Keep Your Makeup Natural

    Bright light is extremely unforgiving in photos and can illuminate flaws far more than indoor lighting does. Be careful with the amount of liner or shadow used on the lower lash line. Squinting may cause smudging. Stay away from too much shimmer on the face and eyes. The sun reflects shimmer and creates unwanted shine in photos.

Go For Long-Lasting Formulas

    Use a waterproof or water-resistant eyeliner and mascara. After all, it’s going to be an emotional day. Use a matte finish setting spray to increase the longevity of your make-up. You’d rather be dancing the night away than reapplying make-up.

by Mia

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