35 Awesome Low Bun Wedding Hairstyles [Part 2]

Low buns are perhaps the most timeless wedding hairstyles ever, most of brides with long and medium length hair choose them. We’ve already shared some cool ideas on such hairstyles, and now we are ready to share some more amazing options, take a look, girls!

Sleek And Laconic Low Buns

If you are a casual, modern or minimalist bride, you can go for a sleek low bun, twisted, tied up or braided if you want. Choose a sleek top or add just a bit of volume on top; if you feel like a bit of mess, add it to the bun. You may also accent your low bun with a pretty hairpiece or hair pin, and voila – your effortlessly chic look is done!

Wavy Low Buns

Wavy low buns are amazing, chic and romantic, a bit of mess and you are gorgeous! You may go for curls or lighter waves, go for both a messy top and bun, for only a messy bun or only a top and some locks down. Spruce up your low bun with hair pins or a hairpiece or fresh flowers and voila!

Braided Low Buns

Braided hairstyles are a trend, and if you want to add a trendy touch to your hairstyle, you can rock a braided low bun. A Dutch braid, a French braid, a milk braid, a fishtail braid – any other braid is welcome! You can rock a braid on one side of your head or on both, and go for a braided or usual low bun. The top can be sleek or messy or fully braided.

Other Low Buns

Need something different? Try a twisted low bun, a wholly twisted low bun or a mix of braids and waves, add a volume on top or keep it sleek and tight – create your ideal option for your own bridal style. Get inspired!

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