32 Edgy Nude Wedding Nails Ideas To Steal

Nude nails never go out of style for weddings but trends change from time to time and different nail designs turn fashion-forward. Wanna now what’s on now? Here are some super fresh ideas!

Classic Nude Wedding Nails

Classic nude nails are always great for a wedding: they match any bridal look and any other look that you can wear afterwards. Nude nails stepped a bit back and now mostly glossy and very natural manicures are on top. Try to vary the shade you are rocking – go for dove grey, off-white, milky nails to make your look more interesting.

French Wedding Nails

French manicure is still on but in very modern versions and interpretations, for example, with very narrow tips for a dainty touch, with color blocking, horizontal and vertical stripes on the nails and even with narrow black tips on almond or pointed nails.

Gradient Wedding Nails

Gradient seems to get a new life being currently in trend: you can vary the nude shades or go for a pretty muted fall color manicure – such a great idea when you love all these colors and can’t choose just one!

Patterned Wedding Nails

Abstract patterns on nude nails are very popular right now – from neon to metallic ones, these nails are on trend. Marble effect is also still here but make it more eye-catchy with accent nails or with gradient ones, simple marble nails aren’t on top now.

Sparkle Wedding Nails

Sparkly and shiny touches to your nails are coming back, too. Metallic polka dots, stars, moons and suns are great for a modern and fresh look. Tiny touches of gold or silver leaf are also a very cool and bold ideas you may rock at a wedding. Get inspired!

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