31 Medium Length Wedding Hair Ideas

Have medium length hair and planning a wedding? There are lots of gorgeous wedding hairstyles for this length and I’m sure that you’ll be able to find a perfect option for your big day. Bridesmaids and guests, take a look at the roundup, too, there are ideas that fit you, too!

Medium Length Hair Updos

Updos are the most popular wedding hairstyles, they help you stay picture-perfect during the whole day and fit any length hair, plus there are lots of options, which means that every bride will find something for her outfit. Low buns, chignons, simple low updos are the ideas to choose from, and you may style them in a more formal way going sleek or more relaxed way with mess and waves. You may go for a bump, a braided halo or just some twists and braids depending on your style. Think of a side swept updo with waves, it’s a very comfy and stylish option.

Medium Length Hair Half Updos

A half updo is a more romantic option than an updo and it lets you show off your locks. Take a look at wavy and textural half updos with braided touches – waterfall braids or just some elements. Try a braided top and side swept waves down. Refresh your hairstyle with some blooms or greenery tucked in or add a floral crown on top. Get inspired!

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