26 Non-Boring White Wedding Shoes

26 Non-Boring White Wedding Shoes

    Today the most popular wedding shoes are colorful ones to wear after the wedding, too, or neutral ones to easily fit any bridal look, lace up ones to make a statement or peep toe booties to show off the unique style but what about old school white wedding shoes, which were traditional for centuries? I’d like to share some gorgeous white wedding shoes, which are nowhere but boring, rock a stunning pair in the traditional bridal color!

Lace Shoes

    Lace shoes are among the hottest wedding trends, they look elegant, chic and very delicate and feminine. Opt for stunning white lace wedding shoes, they can be sheer and just decorated with lace on the toes and back, or completely made of beautiful lace.

Jeweled Shoes

    White heels, flats, sandals, booties can be gorgeously decorated with beads, crystals and pearls for a stunning and chic look. They can be detailed on the back or front, or completely covered with them – choose the designs and looks that fit your bridal style.

Other Ideas

    Some other eye-catchy ideas are large bows on the toes or back of the shoes, feather detailing, laser cut shoes or adorable modern white booties with peep toes and beading, appliques or other detailing. Choose what shows off your style the best way possible and be gorgeous!

by Mia

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