23 Groom Shoes And Boots Ideas For An Edgy Look

23 Groom Shoes And Boots Ideas For An Edgy Look

    If you are a fashion-forward groom who wants to express his style on the big day, we have some ideas for you! Today we are sharing the coolest and hottest groom shoes and boots ideas to give your outfit an edge, take a look!


    Sneakers are super popular among grooms today – nothing refreshes your look and gives it a modern feel like a pair of white sneakers, plus you’ll get maximal comfort. White sneakers actually fit most of looks – from more formal to boho chic ones, suits and other combos. You may also try various colors – brown, amber, black, navy, green, grey and others.


    If you are getting married in a hot area, loafers are a very good idea as they don’t require wearing socks, which means that you won’t overheat. Choose leather or suede loafers in some saturated color – emerald, burgundy, navy or black, and your look will be very refined.


    Boots make the outfit more relaxed and fun, they are perfect for contemporary and boho outfits. These can be comfortable lather boots for a woodland or mountain ceremony, these can be Chelsea boots to give your look an edge or any other boots that you consider proper for your outfit. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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