21 Bridal Headpieces That Will Blow Your Mind

21 Bridal Headpieces That Will Blow Your Mind

    We’ve seen many trends for bridal headpieces, from boho chains with embellishments and floral crowns to hats and sparkling art deco bandanas. What are the current trends for bridal headpieces? These are crystal crowns, embellished crowns and sunburst tiaras or crowns, and I’ve prepared a whole list of such edgy pieces that will make you super trendy!

Crystal Crowns

    Crystal crowns and tiaras are very popular for now – and mostly these are clear rough crystals. The whole tiara may be composed of a row of such crystals or it may be an embellished crown with some clear crystals inserted. Such a tiara or crown will add a bit of edge to a boho bridal look and can be also used for other bridal outfits to add a bit of edge to them.

Sunburst Crowns

    Sunburst or starburst crowns are also very popular right now – they perfectly accent your face and hair – just like no other. It can be a simple sunburst tiara or a tiara embellished and with little stars – so cool for a celestial wedding!

Embellished Crowns And Tiaras

    Embellished crowns and tiaras with bold and edgy designs are also amazing to create an unforgettable look – they will sparkle on your head adding a glam and refined feel. You’ll easily make your wedding outfit more chic and elegant with such a headpiece, it can be rather minimal or even oversized depending on the effect you want to produce.

Other Ideas

    Some other ideas may include woven headpieces, metallic and paper crowns and tiaras and other options – you may even create or order a personal one that shows off your bridal style. Get inspired and be bold!

by Chloe

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