33 Trendy Floral Wedding Shoes Ideas

Florals are indispensable part of wedding decor – lush floral wedding arches, lush wedding centerpieces and overhead installations, lush wedding bouquets and brides can also add a floral wedding dress, jewelry or maybe a pair of shoes. I’d like to share some beautiful floral shoes ideas that will catch an eye and will finish off your bridal look in a delicate or bold way and that are in trend and will make your look up-to-date.

Floral Print Wedding Shoes

Floral print wedding shoes can be very tender and delicate or very bold and contrasting depending on the colors of the print. You may find very delicate and subtle wedding shoes with blush floral prints or bold black velvet ones with bright floral prints, perhaps even boots for a boho feel. Choose an option that suits your unique bridal look!

Floral Embroidery Wedding Shoes

Embroidery is my favorite kind of detailing and I just can’t help admiring all those gorgeous black or nude shoes with bright or delicate pastel floral embroidery. Such detailing is very actual and will make your stand out for sure. Embroidery, depending on its look, can fit both a bold boho and a delicate garden bridal look, and such creative detailing will make your look unforgettable!

Floral Applique Wedding Shoes

Floral appliques are another creative and chic way to add interest to your bridal look, and they can change the whole game. First of all, forget all those oversized fabric flowers that were in trend some years ago and embrace the new looks and interpretations. The appliques themselves should’t be oversized, they can be made of lace, acryl, metal and many other materials and every bride will find something for her outfit. Choose contrasting or matching floral applique shoes that will highlight your unique bridal style and show them off with a midi or mini wedding dress!

Floral Embellished Wedding Shoes

Many brides love embellished shoes, they never go out of style, and floral embellished shoes will add not only a bit of glam but also a bit of girlish feel to your look for sure. There are many delicate and extra bold models with oversized rhinestones, choose what suits you and what makes your bridal outfit jaw-dropping!

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