27 Cowboy Boots Ideas For Fashion-Forward Brides

Boots have always been popular for weddings but first these were combat boots mostly, then you could see hiking boots (great for elopements) and elegant glam booties to highlight the style and add a feminine touch to the look. Today the trend is for cowboy boots, and we see more and more of that, not only on brides but in everyday life, too.

Classic Cowboy Boots For Brides

Cowboy boots used to be popular for rustic and barn weddings, these were mostly brown or amber leather boots, classic cowboy ones. These can be with traditional detailing like embroidery and carved patterns, with embellishments and they can be short or tall. Such an idea still fits barn and rustic weddings very well but you may also pair such boots with a boho wedding dress for a genuine feel.

Trendy Cowboy Boots For Brides

Besides these classic cowboy/ cowgirl boots you will also see more modern and more boho versions for bold bridal looks. Such boots come in all kinds of colors, from white to turquoise, with all kinds of detailing: embellishments, painted patterns, embroidery. You may find shorter cowboy booties or taller ones, with square or pointed toes. You may also find really bold statement boots, for example, black and white star printed ones, they can be also metallic ones if you want to stand out even more. Such boots can finish off a boho, modern or edgy bridal look and will make it wow. Get inspired!

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