25 Trendy Wedding Hair Accessories And Hairpieces

A headpiece, a hair piece or some other accessory can highlight your wedding style, your beautiful hair and finish off the look. What are the trendiest and hottest ideas to try? I have some ideas, dive in!


Pearls and baroque pearls are very trendy and this trend is here to stay, and this is a good time to include a fresh touch on classics into your bridal look. Try oversized pearl hair pins, trendy hair barrettes, hair clips to accent a top knot, a hair tie, a padded pearl headband or some other hair piece with oversized or baroque pearls. If your hairpiece isn’t that large, you can pair it with pearl earrings and your look will be perfect!

Hair Bows

Hair bows are making a new comeback, and this time you should pay attention to large ones of silk, tulle and other fabrics you like. An especially trendy idea is to rock a pearl dotted hair bow – this is ultimate chic and a delicate touch.

Going Celestial

Celestial weddings are on top and they are gonna be very popular after some time, too, so if you are rocking this theme, you’ll need hair pins and accessories that are also celestial. Star and moon hair pins in various shades of metal and rhinestones are right what you need to accent any kind of hairstyle. Stay in trend!

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